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New York City, United States 

TLA Law, Attorney at Law, PLLC is an immigration and international law firm that provides counsel on a great variety of corporate, commercial, employment-based and family-based United States immigration and international matters. With more than a century of combined experiences, our high success rate in both immigration and international cases has resulted in a practice that thrives on referrals from a large number of clients.

Our office environment encourages the sharing of ideas to meet any and all circumstances with the full utilization of a staff of diverse cultural backgrounds and areas of knowledge. We speak Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, Taiwanese, French, and English and have a broad perspective from a wealth of experiences including taking part in community rebuilding on the earthquake-ravaged shores of Haiti, studying at the Beijing Dance Academy in China, and serving as a United Nations Member advisor.

We deliver the highest quality cost-effective services by providing personal attention to our clients' needs. We are based in New York City in the United States and in Taipei, Taiwan.  We also maintain a network of affiliated offices with leading law firms, consulting firms, and accounting firms in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Taipei.


We provide counsel on a great variety of corporate, commercial, family-based and employment-based United States immigration and non-immigration matters. We have extensive experience in representing clients on various non-immigration visa categories such as Business Visitors (B-1) or Tourists (B-2), Treaty-Investors or Treaty-Traders (E), Students (F), Professional Temporary Workers (H1B) or Trainees (H-3), Media Representatives (I), Exchange Visitors (J), Fiancés of U.S. citizens (K), Intracompany Transferees (L), Extraordinary Ability Aliens (O), Religious Workers [R] , NAFTA Professionals (TN), and Victims of criminal activity (U).

We also specialize in U.S. permanent residency (commonly known as “green card”) applications through first employment-based preference for "priority workers who are managers and executives, outstanding professors and researchers, or aliens of extraordinary ability in the science, arts, education, business and athletics (EB-1); second employment-based preference for “aliens of exceptional ability in the sciences, arts, or business or members of the professions, if they hold an advanced degree (EB-2); third employment-based preference for professionals, skilled workers or unskilled workers (EB-3), typically through labor certification (LC); and/or fifth employment-based preference for alien entrepreneurs whose investment of 1 millions or half-million U.S. dollars in commercial enterprises will create 10 or more jobs in the U.S (EB-5).  Our practice also encompasses real estate, corporate, commercial and intellectual property, and other matters. 

General Corporate Practice

We represent international businesses and individuals in a wide variety of industries including drafting and negotiating business contracts, as well as employment agreements, purchase agreements, leases, distribution and license agreements.  

For many of the smaller companies we represent, we engage in corporate coaching, essentially helping them to grow and prepare for their possible merger and/or sale.  We work with these companies to assess their business needs, build their business organization, prepare operation systems and legal arrangements, and ultimately assist in their transformation into more efficient and profitable organizations and thus more attractive prospects for future investment or sale.


Real Estate

We represent businesses and individuals in commercial and residential real estate matters.  Our attorneys are experienced advisors to lenders, developers, investors and holding companies, landlords and tenants, and management companies.  The transactions include: environment and green building certifications, interstate and international jurisdictional transactions, construction and architect contracts, leasing, commerical lender and private equity financing, and trusts and estates transactions.

Contact Information

U.S. Office Address: 
60 East 42nd Street, 46th Floor             New York, NY 10165, USA
Phone: 646 480-5779 x 4652

Taiwan Office Address:                       台灣台北建國北路二段66號7樓
66 Jianguo North Road, Section 2, 7th Floor, Taipei, Taiwan 
Phone: 02 2515 5855

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